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21 Days of
Prayer + Fasting

To prepare for the year of 2024, collectively The Rock Hawaii will be fasting and having specific times of prayer with our families and ministries. Join us in this time of consecration and lets see what God is going to do in 2024!!

21 Days Details


Family Prayer - Wednesday 3rd, 2024 

Mens Prayer - Wednesday 10th, 2024

Youth + Hyphen Prayer - Wednesday 17th, 2024

Ladies Prayer - Wednesday 24th, 2024


Week 1 - Fast 3 days (does not have to be consecutive) Liquids only

Week 2 - Fast Meat 

Week 3 - Fast something that you truly enjoy or crave

Week 4 -Fasting Wednesday the 24th including an entertainment media fast

Week 5 - A week to stay home and rest.


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