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Mission Statement

The story of The Rock begins in the year 2000. That February, the Sanders landed in
Hawaii after serving as missionaries in Hong Kong. Seeking the will of God for their life,
they soon felt a call to start a church. That July, The Rock had its inaugural service, in
the city of Kailua on the Windward side of Oahu. From that point forward God began to
use The Rock church to preach the gospel, impact its community, and be a gathering
place where families could come together to be enriched by fellowship and to reach out
to those around them.  
In 2010, the vision expanded and on Labor Day weekend The Rock had its first service
at the YWCA in downtown Honolulu, all the while continuing the work on the Windward
side. The Rock continued to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and walked through
the doors that God opened, soon starting a second church in Kapolei, as well as weekly
preaching points in Urban Honolulu and Waimanalo. For several years, they also
assumed the role of pastorate in Kahului on the island of Maui.
Because of a shift in the dynamics of the church, Pastor Sanders felt to bring all of The
Rock congregations and preaching points together in one united church family, moving
the church to Pearl City in 2018.

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People of the name Jesus

The Rock is an Apostolic church that loves the Truth, lives His love, and links itself
steadfastly to the word of God. It is a vibrant collection of individuals and families that
come from a varying range of backgrounds, cultures, and testimonies. It is pastored by
Jonathan and Debbie Sanders. They lead a team of Kingdom-minded ministry families
that in turn aim to serve the precious community of believers that God has entrusted to


Preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, using the Word as our foundation and God's Spirit as our guide. To Create an environment where godly principles can flourish , divine callings can be fulfilled , and the community of the body of Jesus Christ can reach its fullest potential. To Affect our communities and neighbors with the love of God and the revelation of Jesus Christ!

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